Terms of stay

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  1. Payment is in roubles (RUR) at the rate set by the Russian Federal Bank.
  2. Methods of payment:
    • Cash payment in RUR
    • Non-cash payment on a company account
    • Credit card payment (VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Master Electron)
  3. Rules for calculating price of stay:
    • The Check-in time is counted as the arrival time of the guest
    • The first 24-hours must be paid in full
    • Time spent at the hotel beyond the 24-hours is measured on an hourly basis. Each extra hour is calculated as a fraction of the full price.
  4. Any non-cash payments should be made to the hotel account no later than 24 hours before check-in time.
  5. In case of damage to or loss of hotel property, the guest is obliged to reimburse the amount for the damage in accordance to a pricelist provided by the hotel.